Who is Jason Fly?

Jason Fly is founder, owner and operator of Fly Fitness, a multi-service athletic instruction and training company.  After several years of a career as an athlete, coach and trainer for major gyms in New York City, he branched out on his own, bringing his unique blend of experience and expertise to create customized fitness plans for all levels of ability. 


His athletic career started in Baltimore, Maryland where he grew up in a martial arts family and played baseball and swam for his school teams.  In the early 1990s he trained and competed as a triathlete. From there he began coaching swimmimg and discovered a love for teaching and training. He worked for private health clubs in Baltimore and later was a personal trainer and head of swimming programs at Eastern Athletic Club in New York City.  In 2001 he started Fitness Systems around the idea that you didn't need a lot of fancy equipment to get fit.  A few simple tools and your own body were the only machines that you needed. Thus was created a highly efficient and effective workout that could be delivered to the client around their own schedule.


Using what he had learned from martial arts, yoga, pilates, traditional weight bearing exercise, and his own competitive experience, Jason further developed and refined the concepts of functional training, making them portable and adaptable for everyone.  Fitness plans within this system are tailored to the individual so that no two workouts are the same.


Jason now lives and works in Santa Barbara, California where Fly Fitness is now headquartered.